Pakistan Super League 9 Team Rankings & Standings | PSL Points Table 2024

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PSL Points Table 2024 (Sportsbasha)

Teams are competing against one other in PSL 2024. Round-robin competition was used for this League. With every club in the Pakistan Super League vying for the top spot in the PSL 2024 points table, PSL 9 is sure to be an exciting season for fans of cricket.

The 9th Pakistan Super League took place between February 8 and March 24, 2024. The Karachi Kings, Islamabad United, Lahore Qalandars, Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, and Multan Sultans are their current squads.

Let’s examine the Pakistan Super League’s ninth edition’s PSL points table for 2024:

PSL 2024 Points Table

Multan Sultans86200120.967
Quetta Gladiators6411090.313
Peshawar Zalmi843109-0.384
Islamabad United7331070.337
Karachi Kings624004-0.551
Lahore Qalandars706101-0.948

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PSL Points Table From 2016 to 2023

PSL 8 Points Table 2023

Lahore Qalandars107300140.915
Multan Sultans106400120.5
Islamabad United10640012-0.708
Peshawar Zalmi10550010-0.452
Karachi Kings10370060.756
Quetta Gladiators1037006-1.066

PSL 7 Points Table 2022

Multan Sultans101901.253018
Lahore Qalandars104600.765012
Peshawar Zalmi10460-0.34012
Islamabad United10640-0.06908
Quetta Gladiators10640-0.7208
Karachi Kings10910-0.87802

PSL 6 Points Table 2021

Islamabad United102800.859016
Multan Sultans105501.05010
Peshawar Zalmi105500.586010
Karachi Kings10550-0.115010
Lahore Qalandars10550-0.589010
Quetta Gladiators10820-1.78604

PSL 5 Points Table 2020

Multan Sultans102601.031214
Karachi Kings10450-0.19111
Lahore Qalandars10550-0.072010
Peshawar Zalmi10540-0.05519
Quetta Gladiators10540-0.72219
Islamabad United106300.18517

PSL 4 Points Table 2019

Peshawar Zalmi103700.828014
Quetta Gladiators103700.376014
Islamabad United105500.127010
Karachi Kings10550-0.673010
Multan Sultans107300.17306
Lahore Qalandars10730-0.83706

PSL 3 Points Table 2018

Islamabad United103700.296014
Karachi Kings104500.028111
Peshawar Zalmi105500.464010
Quetta Gladiators105500.312010
Multan Sultans10540-0.19119
Lahore Qalandars10730-0.93106

PSL 2 Points Table 2017

Peshawar Zalmi83400.30919
Quetta Gladiators83400.16619
Karachi Kings8440-0.09808
Islamabad United8440-0.13908
Lahore Qalandars8530-0.22306

PSL Points Table 2017

Peshawar Zalmi82600.573012
Quetta Gladiators82600.216012
Islamabad United8440-0.28208
Karachi Kings8620-0.03604
Lahore Qalandars8620-0.53604

Points Table Criteria for the Pakistan Super League (PSL)

The PSL Points Table will employ the same point-based format as any other T20 league that has received ICC recognition.

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Loss: 0 Point
  • Tied: 1 Point

Teams will be ranked based on the following factors during the group stage:

  • After the group stage, the team with the most victories will be ranked first in the rankings.
  • When two teams are deadlocked on points in a game, the team with the greater net run rate wins.
  • If the points and net run rate are equal, the team with the most wins in the group stage will be ranked higher than the other teams.
  • Everything else is comparable. Based on how they performed in head-to-head competitions, they will be ranked in the League.

The PSL rankings’ second and third-place clubs will play each other in the qualification round. On the other hand, the teams who placed first and fourth will face off in the opening round of the elimination round.

The final will be decided by the qualification winner. First to go is the loser of the qualifying round. In the second elimination round, the loser of the qualifier will face the winner of the first elimination game.

The winners of the second elimination round will face the winners of the qualifying round in the final. If there is a tie, a super-over will determine who wins. The team with the highest group stage rating will be declared the winner in a super overdraw.

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